If you are looking for an engaging, family-friendly dog who won’t take up too much space on the couch, then the Golden Cavadoodles might be the perfect match for you.

🐾 2022 Litter Lists🐾

Our litter lists for 2022 are full for now, stay posted on our Social media pages or contact us for any availabilities.

*Note: Estimated due dates can be off by as much as 10 days or more and up to 2 months based on the natural cycles of the mother dogs and when they’re bred.

Gertie and Molly are our Golden Cavadoodle (GCD) mothers. Gertie’s pups are ½ mini poodle (Riley) x ½ golden cavalier (Gertie). Gertie’s pups tend to be fluffy doodle (wavy coat) across the board.

Molly’s pups are ½ cavalier (Prince) x ½ mini goldendoodle (Molly). It is more likely Molly’s pups will have a mix of silky spaniel (straight coat) and shaggy or fluffy doodle (wavy coat).

We breed both Golden Cavadoodles and Golden Cavaliers (other names include ‘mini golden’ or ‘comfort retriever’) . Our Golden Cavaliers are 50% Golden Retriever and 50% Ruby Red Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The Dams (mothers) are Golden Retrievers and the Sires (fathers) are the Ruby Cavaliers. View our Golden Cavalier litter lists here.


All parent dogs are AKC-registered and health tested.


Puppies and parents are raised in an enclosed and climate-controlled nursery each with their own heated whelping den, access through a doggy door to a deck and a dog run. The facility has a bathing station on one side and a photography station on the other. Final touches are being made, but the key elements are in place.

The nursery boasts 8 separate whelping dens which offers plenty of room for our 5 mothers and 2 sires. Inside we can check on the puppies, clean the washable mats, spray down where we’ve walked, and the mother dogs and their pups have easy access to the outdoors through a doggy door. They can lay out on their enclosed deck and get some fresh air or keep their pups warm in the natural belly of the den curved as a den in the earth.

The round design ensures pups won’t get stuck in a corner and encourages pups to stay in the center where it’s warm (the pods are heated) while mom stays cool in summer and warm in winter.

Dog runs are being installed, so mothers and sires can get their daily exercise. But until then, they are let out twice a day in small groups of 1 or 2 to run and play on an acre of land.

The attachable ramp which helps get puppies in and out the doggy door is great for hips. The pillow for the mother-to-be and the mats once she has the pups are textured to avoid slipping and help the pups legs grow strong and encourage the use of back legs to help the puppies build muscle.


Puppies are socialized not only using Early Neurological Stimulation Techniques, but also with young children. In addition, puppies are brought in-house and various trainer techniques to test personality traits are implemented. *Please note: at 6-weeks old, puppy personalities are only just beginning to show. Puppies’ personalities can and do change over the course of 2 weeks or more.

golden cavadoodle puppies for sale

We believe a fine puppy can only come from top quality parents.

This includes:

  1. Sound health;
  2. Gentle temperaments with no personality “issues” and
  3. High intelligence.

(The adoptive families put the icing on the cake, when they complete in-home training sessions and raise the puppy with loving kindness.)

Interested in adopting a puppy?

Prices for puppies reserved after November 2021:

All of our puppies are $3450 less a $300 deposit to reserve.

Process to reserve:
Please complete Step 1 (Interview Application) – See Reserve Your Puppy page.

Once approved, we will reach out to you to complete next steps – These are on the Reserve Your Puppy page as well – or we will reach out to schedule a phone call to discuss available options.

Puppy picks are based on date of deposit. We do our best to ensure you get your top pick whether Male or Female, but sometimes mothers don’t have the right amount of one gender or another. Additionally, if a mother doesn’t have enough puppies, then we will move you to the next available list.

Pups may go home no earlier than 8-weeks old.

Should a mother have more puppies than expected, we will first contact those who have already reserved a space on a list by submitting their deposit and buyer’s agreement.

We vet check pregnancies at 5-weeks after breeding and let our families know if the mother is confirmed pregnant.

We will hand deliver your puppy to you ourselves, to your city’s airport, for approximately $475-$975 depending on airfare. Or, we can meet you at our airport to deliver your puppy to you. Contact us and we’ll work out the best way together.

How to Reserve your puppy:

What happens if the puppy isn’t a good fit?

Any puppy is a big responsibility and should not be entered into lightly. However, we do understand unexpected situations arise – allergy concerns, unexpected medical or health issues – something which might leave you unable to care for your puppy properly. Should you decide your puppy isn’t a good fit after 15 days or less, there will be a re-home fee. The re-home fee includes:

  • Transportation costs to return your puppy to us
  • Fees including vet’s exam, immunizations, grooming, re-listing,
  • Boarding fee at $10/day for up to 20 days

Special Note: We reserve the option to select a puppy from a litter after it has arrived, for “breeder’s pick” for our breeding program. For more information, please Contact Us.

Deposits are non-refundable

We do the following health tests on all of our parents!

Golden Retrievers

GenSol Diagnostics
[PRA-PRCD] Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration
[GR-PRA2] Golden Retriever Progressive Retinal Athrophy 2
[DM] Degenerative Myelopathy
OFA Hip and elbows


Gen Sol Diagnostics
[EF] Episodic Falling
[DM] Degenerative Myelopathy
OFA Heart , Hips and Patella

Golden Doodles

Gen Sol Diagnostics
[PRA-PRCD] Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration
[VWD1] Von Willebrand’s Disease Type 1
OFA Hips and Elbows

cavadoodle puppy paws